About Us

About B-OFF

We are Biogents representatives in Sri Lanka, providing an innovative service in the battle against dengue. We are the sole distributers of the Premium Biogents Trap, that is durable, simple to maintain, highly effective and suitable for surveillance purposes. It can be placed on custom made bases to suit the interiors. Therefore, the trap is suitable for keeping in a home, office, or hotel. The use of these traps have helped to control the mosquito population in hundreds of homes and schools in Colombo so far, and have contributed to preventing disease and saving lives.

Less mosquitoes = less risk!

Unique B-OFF Services

  • Positioning mosquito traps in strategic locations for optimal effectiveness

  • Servicing and conducting repeated site visits to adjust positioning if necessary 

  • Conducting surveillance of designated traps to monitor the vector population and

       provide early warnings of increased breeding

About Biogents

A team of German scientists invented the traps by studying mosquito behavior for over 20 years. Original devices were intended for researchers to capture the insects. The BG-sentinel trap became Gold standard for dengue vectors and there is a growing number of independent scientific publications utilizing the traps, showing its extraordinary capture rates.

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About The Traps


These mosquito traps are the best traps on the market to catch the dengue transmitter Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. These are the same mosquitoes that also transmit, chikun gunya and Zika, too.

The traps are easy to maintain and can be placed in and around the house. They do not attract additional mosquitoes into the property, but "mop up" the ones scouting about for a meal. They are environmentally friendly as they do not require insecticides and target mosquitoes only, without harming beneficial insects.











How they work

  • An attractant is added to the trap resembling the scent of human skin

  • A ventilator sucks the attracted mosquito into a catch bag

  • It mimics the body of air produced by a warm human body

  • Visually the mosquitoes are also attracted by the contrast of the dark centre and white frame around it







Benefits of using the traps:


  • Decreasing the density of mosquito population: in combination with breeding site removal, the constant control of adult females will help to reduce the mosquito population in and around human dwellings

  • Decreasing the lifespan of the mosquito vectors: this will reduce the risk of transmission  (incubation time of the virus in the mosquito is 7-10 days. Therefore, if the mosquito is caught within that time, it would be too young to have developed dengue and pass it on)

  • Reduction of biting rates: as the traps constantly catch mosquitoes on the premises the biting pressure is reduced and therefore, the risk of transmission is reduced

  • Early indication of breeding sites through monitoring: traps can be used as a surveillance tool. A high number of collected mosquitoes gives an indication, that breeding sites are close by

  • Social responsibility: in contrast to procedures that only repel mosquitoes, the use of the traps are also beneficial to everyone in the neighborhood

  • Environmentally friendly: traps are quite selective of target insects and preserve beneficial insects, such as butterflies. As they are free of pesticides, they avoid resistance being built up within mosquitoes that are subjected to weekly fumigation fumes. When outdoor fumigation is replaced with positioning of traps, mosquitoes are not resistant, and short term campaigns of chemical fumigation, would be more effective, during critical times of epidemics.