Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Where is the best place for the trap?


Best place is somewhere in a shady, humid, and wind-protected location. However, actually you have to try several positions, because the catching rate depends on many, individual things. A few meters can make a big difference. For further advice on positioning refer to our Quick Start-Up Guide.



Will the trap attract more mosquitoes in my house or garden than were there before?


No, the Biogents trap only attracts and catches mosquitoes that are patrolling around the vicinity.



Is the trap rain- and waterproof?


Yes, the trap is rain- and waterproof. It can be washed when it is dusty with water, without damage to the ventilator. The effectiveness of the attractant sachet is not reduced by exposure to water or rain.



How many square meters do the traps cover?


The traps cover about 50 to 100 m².


When will the trap begin to be effective?


Our system needs about one week to show an effectin a closed environment indoors and perhaps 6 weeks to show an effect on the mosquito population outdoors. The traps (as “artificial human beings”) are permanently present in contrary to human beings, and they catch patrolling mosquitoes so the active population (and its reproduction rate) will be held down in the long run. Yet, one cannot expect a big population to break down in a short period.



How long does the effectiveness of the attractant last? How long can the sachets be stored?


The BG-Mozzibait has an effectiveness of up to three months (no matter if the trap runs 12 or 24 hours a day). Unused attractants can be stored in a cool and dry place for up to 1.5 years.



I have the impression that the attractant smell evaporates earlier than suggested. Should I exchange the sachet before the course of two months has expired?


No. The human nose becomes accustomed to the odor, and after a while one does not smell it anymore. The scent is actually still there and very efficient throughout the threemonths. Therefore, you do not need to change the BG-Mozzibaitbefore the course of two months has expired. But perhaps change the position of the trap to increase the catch rate of the tiger mosquito.  



Why should I purchase Biogents traps instead of other mosquito traps?

If you have tiger mosquitoes in your environment, then you should buy the Biogents traps. The Biogents trap catches a much higher amount of tiger mosquitoes than other mosquito traps do. Therefore, making it the best tiger mosquito trap on the market. These publications can also be viewed on the website (

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